Women are better than men, here’s why: Reading the Guardian again

Apparently the fight against ‘oppression’ has gone a step further, women are not only oppressed but are better at everything than men are as a result. I haven’t decided whether this is an article meant to point out how terrible it is to be a woman in the current times, or whether it is saying that things are great, probably somewhere in between.

I am a big fan of sweeping generalisations, i use them all of the time, that is however because i often don’t have the relevant scientific data to hand when I’m speaking, however the author of this piece (Julie Bindel) goes to the effort of including links to such articles to prove her points, well some of them. The rest is generalised nonsense and is presented as that as far as i can tell. There would be quite an interesting article in some of the points that are raised:

That the British Medical Journal found that women make better surgeons

That a report in Fortune found that women are more successful at reaching funding targets

That women tend to be safer drivers and get into fewer car accidents (and are more likely to survive those they are involved in)

All of these are good points and i can get behind them, however Julie ruins this piece by adding her own bias and subjective experience to the article. She follows up the fact about hitting funding targets by adding that this is good because ‘we are paid less for doing the same job’, funnily enough there is no link to any scientific or economic data for this point. But then for an article that begins ‘As a lifelong feminist’ i think she did well to keep this widely debunked statement out of the first four paragraphs.

She later goes on to state that women are less likely to abandon their kids and as such make better parents. I’m not sure whether she means abandon or lose custody here, but either way that doesn’t necessarily mean that just by staying with their kids they are better parents. There are lots of parents who had children taken into care that didn’t want to give them up.

She also adds that women are better at washing up, cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. Something that ‘misogynists’ have been pointing out for years. Women are also apparently better at DIY, eat more healthily and are more likely to seek treatment for medical issues.

The issue that i really have with this article is the way in which it is framed. Im sure there are arguments for all of these points, except the getting paid less for the same job bullshit. However why are you glorifying yourself over other people who clearly need help and support. Men are less likely to get treatment for health issues and less likely to eat healthily, why are we not trying to find out why? Why are women making better surgeons? Funnily enough there is no mention of issues like school performance where girls are far out performing boys at an alarming rate, or with university admissions and graduation which is again dominated by female students

The only reason to leave this out would be because it would raise too many questions about where we are going as a society. It would force too much attention onto the plight of boys in the future. Apparently women must always be the focus and men need to be put in their place. That’s all well and good but young men now are suffering just as much. if you want a society where no gender is dominant over the other then stop trying to to create the opposite and look at what needs to be improved for both sides. We only want equality here.

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